MVLA Girls Teams

MVLA ‘s girl program has been ranked #11 in the United States in 2010-2011. The teams have had great success with 9 State Championships and 1 National Championship. We have both Division 1 and Division 3 girls teams competing in both CYSA and US Club Soccer sanctioned leagues and tournaments. If you are interested in a tryout for one of these teams, you will find contact information for both team coaches and managers listed online.

Division 1 (Premier levels and Select)  is the highest level of competitive soccer offered. Division 1 is for those players whose commitment, passion, natural ability and desire for the game drive them to want to develop their soccer skills the the highest level. Teams at this level compete in the  CYSA CCSL league and the NorCal Premier league, and some may also compete in the Far West Regional League and. Division 1 teams also participate in a defined set of tournaments throughout the year to progress their level of competition and skill development.

 This division represents the highest level of commitment by both players and parents. 

Division 3 (Competitive) level of soccer is intended for those players who have a greater interest and commitment in advancing their skills. This level of soccer focuses on player development and taking the player from Recreational Soccer (Division 4) on the path to Select Soccer (Division 1) or remain and continue to play a advanced type of soccer at their level.. Our Division 3 teams compete in the CYSA CCSL league and the NorCal Premier league, and may participate in some tournaments.

U13 and Older Tryouts (born before Aug 1, 2001)
To tryout for an U13 and older MVLA team, please see our tryouts page for teams who have scheduled specific tryout sessions.  If the team or age/gender program you are looking for has not scheduled a specific session, please contact the team manager or coach directly to ask about their tryout sessions or join a practice.
MVLA Girls teams for Fall 2015


Age Group Birthdate Team Name Coach Manager  
U7 Aug 1, 2008 or later 08G  Ricky Character Kristina Wolcott Interested players should contact the coach directly.
U8 Aug 1, 2007 or later Pride Blue Marianna Sullivan Christina Wilner Interested players should contact the coach directly.
Pride White Stacie Alberico Jenny Martinez

Aug 1, 2006
or later

Samba Blue Marianna Sullivan Rob Greanias  
Samba White Jack Symon
Samba Green Rodrigo Sosa
Doris Choi
U10 Aug 1, 2005
or later
United Blue Mykell Bates 

Mandy Westcott

United White Danny Maeda

Bouwien Smits

United Green Mykell Bates

Anne Greene

United Black Stephen Nichols

Jillian Dressel
Winston Mau

Aug 1, 2004
or later
Thunder Blue Kilee Quigley

Melissa Powell

Thunder White
Thunder Green Stacie Alberico
Thunder Black
Aug 1, 2003
or later
Barcelona Blue Jr. ECNL Erin Montoya Kevin Moos  
Barcelona White
Barcelona Green Gerson Perez
Barcelona Black
Mykell Bates
Barcelona Red Stephen Nichols
  U13 Aug 1, 2002 or later Lightning Jr. ECNL Margueritte Aozasa Katie Roos  
Lightning White Rehana Rehman  
Lightning Green Ricky Character Melissa Powell  
Lightning Black Ricky Character

Melissa Powell

U14 Aug 1, 2001
or later
Avalanche ECNL Albertin Montoya Steve Wilson All Avalanche teams are at capacity.  No tryouts are being held for this age group.  Interested players are welcome to check back in spring 2016 for potential openings.
Avalanche EGSL Carol Cleary-Schultz
Avalanche White Brittany Klein Catharine Alford
Avalanche Green Hugo Perez Jr. Liz Parry
Avalanche Gold Kelly Bernardo
U15 Aug 1, 2000
or later
Tornado ECNL Seth Alberico Jeff Arrillaga


Tornado EGSL  Gerald Luiz
Tornado White Stephen Nichols Gerald Luiz
Tornado Green Jill Kispert
U16  Aug 1, 1999
 or later
Monsoon ECNL Rodrigo Baptista Dawn Hill
Scott Krampert
Monsoon EGSL Simon Weiss
Doug Bloyd Interest players welcome to tryout for all teams; please contact coach Simon Weiss.
Monsoon White Robert Blackburn
Monsoon Black Lindi Henell
Brett Flinchum
U17 Aug 1, 1998
or later
Typhoons ECNL Seth Alberico Maria Jones Interested players please contact Maria Jones or Seth Alberico for tryout information.
Typhoons EGSL

Brittany Klein

Alan Parness
Dan Fazzio
Typhoons White Kilee Quigley

Hilary Brehaut

U18 Aug 1, 1997
or later
Pride ECNL Nicole Van Dyke
Jason Werner
Jayna Lloyd
David Levine
Pride EGSL Chris Sorg Theresa Campbell